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Providing an A+ education for our children is one of the most important things we can do as parents. A quality education creates responsible, motivated, and self-sufficient adults. HomeschoolingEDU has developed curriculum packages that supply exactly that, an A+ education. Our three levels of curriculum packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) were designed to ensure educational quality and material quality (meeting parental satisfaction, student satisfaction, and educational standards) all entwined with affordability. Our packages consist of only the finest publishers of educational materials.  We also include with our packages weekly lesson plans, grade record sheets, an attendance log, an activities agenda, reading list forms, physical education logs, award certificates, and a report card.

We will also customize our curriculum packages to meet your needs, for instance a staggered grade level or course substitution(s). Simply complete our online form for custom curriculum and let our Certified Educational Counselors customize your package.

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